And the price is down again

So I've had the price for First Time Fuck Buddies up at $3.49 for the last six days now, and it's going back down again. It's clear $3.49 is too high for a sale of an unknown author peddling a short erotic story. In fact, it's been down to $2.99 on the Amazon sites for more than a day now already, and that's not doing anything for sales either.

This was expected, but it was nice to see this bear out. I sold pretty consistently at ¢99 on Amazon and Smashwords, without doing much of anything to promote it. I think most sales were from people browsing and making impulse decisions to buy because of the low price.

So now the price is back down again to ¢99. Go get it at the usual places: First Time Fuck Buddies.

Of course, you can still also preview the full ebook for free here from this site…

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