Sister Bound

Sister Bound

Technically they weren't even step-siblings, but Wendy had lived with David in the same house since she was two.

Now she is caught completely off guard when her mom informs her that her 'brother' will be babysitting her during the summer.

She breathes a silent sigh of relief when she hears he'll be bringing his girlfriend with him. Surely he wouldn't start anything when his girlfriend is with them in the same house?

The first morning after their parents leave Wendy learns the truth. And it's a lot worse than she ever imagined. And so, so much better.

Book details

Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of sex.

Story codes: M/f, spanking, pseudo-incest, nc/rel, D/s, BDSM.

Length: Short Story, 8300 words, approx. 24 pages.

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