Grand Opening

This is just a Public Service Announcement that I launched this website. A bit redundant, because if you're reading this, you already know that.

I've been very busy with all manner of preparations now that I finally decided I am a writer a few weeks ago. Just so you know. I'm officially a writer now. Because I said so.

So there.

For some strange reason I've been very busy ever since. I thought this writer gig was supposed to be untold riches flowing in without too much blood, sweat and tears. I want my money back!

Not really, though. I actually feel better about myself and what I've been doing now that I finally decided I'm going to do what I want to do, instead of agonizing over whether I should start looking for that nicer, better job again. So I'm going to slog on at my current job, which is okay, while I set myself up as a self-publishing author.

Here's to the future, eh?

Where I'm at now

I've actually managed to find time every day to write since I started, which is hopeful. The last few days have seen a sharp drop in my word count, though, but that's because my time has been sunk into projects like this website, so that's okay.

I've finished editing a first short story, on paper with a pen, so I now need to update the file on my computer with all the changes. I hope to finish that soon, so I can put out my first short story!

Meanwhile I've been working on a second somewhat longer story. Although I'm not sure what the length will be, it's looking to be quite a bit longer than the first (which hovers around 7000 words, by the way).

I've also broadly outlined a third, which I think I'd like to flesh out to full novel length. Haven't started writing on that one yet.

So, check back here soon to see if I kept the promise I made myself to start publishing stories before the end of the year!

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