Writer. Avid reader.

I write erotic romance, or romantic erotica. I read those genres a lot, too.

Themes might venture into the dark and kinky, so if that's not your cup of tea, find somewhere else to get your fix. Although, I will always clearly label everything you find here, so you'll be able to skirt the stuff you're not interested in.

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I am Cecilia Lansing.

Writer of erotica.


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The Discovering Alice Series

The first ebook in the new Discovering Alice series has been released.

The Libertine Explorations Series

The first two ebooks in the new Libertine Explorations series have been released.

Necromancy Isn't Dead

After a long time I'm going to try to revive this website...

I Miss Firefly

This QA with Nathan Fillion at Dallas Comic Con is great; maybe I should start watching Castle...

Ebook Pricing

Dean Wesley Smith highlights a comment from his blog on ebook pricing.