Read the sample for ‘First Time Fuck Buddies’ right here on my webpage

This is pretty amazing. If your browser is new enough (and why would you still not be using one of the new browsers, such as Google Chrome or Firefox? If you can't use one of those, get a portable version which you should be able to run practically anywhere right here: scroll down to the “Internet” section) you should see the first page of my short erotic story ‘First Time Fuck Buddies’ in the embedded Kindle Cloud Reader here.

The actual text of the story starts on the very last page, because Amazon doesn't allow me as an author to specify where to start the sample. Which is a shame, as now you get a number of pages of front matter, and only the first four (yes, 4) lines of text from the actual story. Check it out here.

(go to the single post page to see the embedded sample)

I haven't figured out how—or even if—I can change this, because I would much rather you get the first eight pages of my actual story to sample. Removing the front matter would be an option, but not really. I like the front matter in books. I'm one of those people that will actually read those pages, so to strip them out of my own books would break my heart. But maybe that's the only option.

For now, you get the first four lines.

What? Not enough, you greedy bastards?

Okay. Okay. You win. Go over here and just download the whole ebook. How's that for a sample, huh?

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Progress and a little pricing experiment

Been silent here for too long. The problem is that there's not really much to tell. I've been working on my stories, but it's been tough going recently. That story that wanted out is now having second thoughts and playing hard to get. I'm slogging on, but I think I'll be ripping out the guts again during my first real editing round. Ah well, so it goes.

I also bit the bullet and finally went through the whole rigmarole to get my previous short erotic story (First Time Fuck Buddies) published on Smashwords. You can find it here.

As you'll see there, the price is ¢99, which is the ‘experiment’ I mentioned in the title. If you go to Amazon (US or UK) you'll see that the price there has dropped to ¢99 as well.

Yes, for a limited time, you'll be able to get my short erotic story ‘First Time Fuck Buddies’ for just ¢99!

Or you could head over to the announcement post and just download a copy there (epub, mobi or pdf).

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The Story That Wants Out

As I mentioned in my Grand Opening post, I had been writing a second story while editing the first, and had outlined a third that I'm planning to flesh out to novel length. So when I finally finished that first short story and threw it out via Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) (see here or get it directly from Amazon) I fully expected to dive into either one of those.

But then a completely different story invaded my mind. So I'm now writing that, first. Maybe it's because this one feels shorter than the other two on the table. I might already be addicted to the feeling of pressing the 'publish' button on KDP.

Whatever it is, I've been making good progress on this one, even though I've been having trouble staying away from the distractions on the internet. And real life issues have also taken up quite a bit of my time. But even though I've spent little time putting down the words, I think I'm already over the halfway point. And I secretly hope to have the first draft done by tonight. But then I'll need to buckle down and not get distracted by twitter, or writing entries for my website.

Let's see how far I get.

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Writers vs. Authors according to Dean Wesley Smith

If you're wondering why you should check up on Dean Wesley Smith's weblog once in a while, read his latest post about the difference between writers and authors.

You'll be back.

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First Time Fuck Buddies now available

(Not interested in all the chatter? Just grab it here immediately.)

First Time Fuck Buddies

The surprise appearance of his sister's house–mate, Amanda, at his backyard pool ends up in the best sex Brian has had in... well, forever. Amanda had sexy time on her mind, but what Brian provides her with goes far beyond the roll in the hay she had been hoping for.

Both end up with exactly what they want.

Book details

Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of sex.

Story codes: MF, consensual.

Length: Short Story, 5300 words, approx. 15 pages.

Available now

Read before you buy

I have included the following text on the copyright page of this ebook (and plan to include it in all following ebooks too):

What that boils down to is that you can get a copy of this ebook right here, as an easy download:

(Links not working? Send me an e-mail and I'll send it to you (it's less than 100Kb). Be sure to specify what type (mobi, epub) you want.)

You're free to download it, and read it, and share it with others.

All I ask is that if you did enjoy reading this short story, that you either buy a copy at Amazon, or donate a small amount of money here to my paypal account (see here).

Buying it at Amazon leaves me with a smaller cut of your money, but will help my ebook in the sales rank on Amazon, which is worth something, too. Either choice is fine with me.

If you donate, you can choose your own value to place on the story. Feel free to donate less—or more! ;)—if you don't think it was worth the price I ask for it on Amazon ($0.99), or if you just can't afford more. I do ask you not to donate if it's less than 10 cents, as paypal also takes a (pretty small) cut.

And if you do decide to show this ebook to others, please point them to the notice I included on the copyright page, or point them at this page, so they are aware of all this.

In fact, if you don't have any money to spare, I'll gladly take ‘payment’ in the form of a bit of publicity; point people to this site or my Amazon page, link to it, send out a tweet about it, post a Facebook link, whatever. I'll take (almost) anything. Just don't annoy people on my behalf, though. ;)


Good question. I'll be delving deeper into the issues related to my choice to do this at a later date on this website, but suffice to say that before I became an author, I was a consumer of ebooks. I still am. But not thanks to a lot of the publishers and webshops selling ebooks out there.

I personally am fed up with a lot of the ways the entrenched names in the publishing and book selling industry are treating—mistreating—their customers. I think that there is a huge potential to make a lot of money in this new digital age and that nearly all ‘established’ industries (music, movie, and now publishing) have failed miserably in how they try to adapt to the new realities of a digital world.

So this is me putting my money where my mouth is, I suppose. Well, actually, not yet my money. *grin*

So, prove me right, please, and (if you enjoyed my work) leave me a token of your appreciation.

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Well, that's a good start to the new year.

January 1st, 2012: failed to keep promise to self to publish first story before end of 2011.

You know what, though?

I'm perfectly all right with that. Because the reason is that during an edit I basically rewrote the whole first half of the short story I was planning to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing. And the result is a lot better than before the rewrite.

So now I just need to go through it all one last time to get all those lingering typos squashed. Soon!

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I am Cecilia Lansing.

Trying out this erotica writing thing. Find links to my stories here.

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